Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve With Pop!

Pop came down on Christmas Eve to celebrate! I didn't think our living room was going to be able to hold all of the presents he brought with him.
"Hey Pop! What is it?"

Poor Wrigley is going to have to watch her back...
This little lady loves clothes! I wonder where she gets it?!

A tea set!! Oh boy!
Helping Daddy open a present.
We had left 2 presents in the other room on purpose, but she followed Daddy into the kitchen and was so excited to come back with her very own shopping cart!

"Here Pop, I will help you."
After all of the gifts were opened, we all sat down for a tea party.

There were so many boxes everywhere, Olive resorted to climbing over them to get where she was going.
This is our attempt at a picture of Stephen, Pop and Olive in front of the tree. It is better than no picture, I guess!

Merry Christmas Pop! Thank you for all of the exciting presents. You're the best Pop in town.

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