Friday, December 24, 2010

Hope Santa is Hungry!

We started a new tradition this year with our great friends Molly , Grady and Auntie D! Making cookies for Santa! We already have big plans on how to expand the tradition next year. We had such a fun day, thanks Beverages for having us over!
The little bakers, posing for a quick picture before the fun begins!
They all look a little concerned, don't they?!
Molly is an expert cookie maker!
Olive was a little more hesitant...

Shaking the sprinkles and banging them on the counter proved to be a special treat!

We had our cookies all cut into shapes and put them in the oven. The timer went off and I went to get them out and this is what I saw...
Never worry! Super Nae to the rescue! :)
Problem solved!
Grady and Olive waiting for the cookies to cool.
While we were waiting, we moved on to making handprint ornaments, which was a slight disaster, but they turned out special and cute!

Let's decorate!
I love that she has her tongue out like she is concentrating. She wouldn't even touch the tube, so I got to decorate ours.

Molly was working so diligently!
Pure concentration

Olive on the other hand was begging for scraps and was best friends with Auntie D who gave in to her begs. :) They will forever be cookie buddies now!
Our wonderful hostesses, Molly and Auntie D

What a fun filled day! Can't wait to do it again next year! Santa better enjoy his yummy cookies, that was a lot of work!

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  1. So fun! Molly and I just looked at all of the pictures and she says "that was so very fun having Olive and Nae' over!" We are already excited for next year!