Monday, October 11, 2010

Without Further Adieu...The Leotard!

was having trouble logging onto our blog, but luckily I am a computer genius (HA!) and I figured it out. Actually I used the help section on the blogger site and figured it out. I told Stephen yesterday that I had to figure this out, I had missed documenting two weeks of Olive's life! So please excuse the posts to "catch up".
First up, the leotard!! I couldn't find one here that would fit her, so my sweet friend Anna found one in OKC for her.
"Thanks for the leotard Anna! I LOVE IT!!!"

Here she is proudly showing off her OU sticker on her leotard after class.
I am not sure that the leotard helped her to learn any new skills, but she sure looks adorable wearing it!

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