Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat!

Friday night was the big "Balkman Halloween Bash". They are the most precious family that we are blessed to know from Eisenhower. Every year they invite friends to come to their big party. The evening starts with "trunk or treat" and then everyone moves to the house for a band, dancing and food. They are so kind to host this event every year and we have been looking forward to it since last year! Here are Molly the donut and Olive the Wonder Pet ready to Trunk or Treat!

Molly was so helpful to carry Olive's bucket for her! She is such a sweet friend! She would even make sure they put candy in Olive's bucket first. Thanks Molly for your help!

"I think I can handle it for awhile!"
Daddy and Adrian holding down the trunk and passing out candy. Apparently, they were giving instructions to all of the kids to "eat 5 pixie sticks all at once right before bed time."
All of the sudden...Baby Grady was missing!! I didn't get any pictures of his face :(
I love this picture of Molly! She dropped her bucket...OOPS!
Sweet friends!
Thank you Balkmans for hosting such an awesome event! Can't wait until next year!

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