Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!!

We couldn't wait to take our little "Ming-Ming" trick or treating on our street!
But, she wanted to do a little swinging first...
Her first door, our sweet next door neighbor, Connie. She was excited to go up to the door by herself, until someone answered and then she ran to be held.
At the next house, we ran into our good friend Cora the Gnome!

Headed down the street to Pop's house.

Oh! Thank you!
While at Pop's, she had to go in and say hi to Dave the Bear.
More candy!
Our next to last stop was our friend, Knox's house. He let us come in and play for a few minutes. Isn't he the cutest spider EVER!?
Then we headed home. "Hey! This door looks familiar!"
"WRIGLEY!!!! There you are!"
"Ooooh! Is this candy for me?"
Happy Halloween!

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