Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ten by Ten

I was reading on another blog how she liked to do a "ten by ten". This means that on the tenth day of every month, she takes a picture every hour on the hour for 10 consecutive hours. I thought this was a great day to document a day in the life of Olive. Although, today was not a typical day for us at all! We were home almost all day and Olive took a 2.5 hour nap, which NEVER happens. I am grateful if she sleeps over an hour. Here is a peek into our day...

8:00 am - Playing on Mommy and Daddy's bed after breakfast bottle with Daddy, sportin' a lovely hair do.
9:00 am - yogurt and cereal (her favorite meal)

10:00 am -
Wrigley, Olive and I took a walk this morning and stopped to do a little swinging at the park.
11:00 am - reading "Barnyard Dance"
12:00 pm - just went down for nap
1:00 - Mommy wrapped birthday presents for friends
2:00 pm - Mommy is in SHOCK that Olive is still asleep, so I worked on her birthday invitations. I noticed in the last 2 pictures, my creative process is VERY messy! :)
3:00 pm - Late lunch (Clearly she isn't thrilled with my choice of veggies)
4:00 pm - playing in her room
5:00 pm - entertaining herself with the camera case while Miss Cora opened her birthday gifts.
6:00 pm - playing with Daddy at Cora's house after seeing Cora really enjoy her cake
7:00 pm - playing catch with Wrigley
And yes, I realize that this is actually 11 pictures. I guess I just got excited. Hope that your day was as fun and relaxed as our's was.

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