Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Hay Is For Horses"

In Norman, we have the "Summer Concert Series" that provides a free concert in the park every Sunday night throughout the summer. We were so excited to hear that Big Smith, one of our favorite bands would be here! Olive has their kid's cd "From Hay to Zzzz" and she LOVES listening to it in the car. So, we couldn't wait to take her to hear them live. They are a "hillbilly band" from Missouri and all the members except for the fiddle player are from the same family.
It was really warm, but we had a great time!

She loved playing on the steps.

She loved dancing with Daddy!

Before we left, Daddy had to buy Olive a "Big Smith kazoo", can't wait until she learns to play that! :) We had such a great night and hope that they come back next year.

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