Monday, July 19, 2010

Daddy Daughter Weekend

I had the opportunity to go to our Ike faculty lake trip this past weekend. This is a trip that has been taking place for the last 27 years. The original principal at our school, invites all past and present faculty members to come to her house for the weekend every July. This was my second time to go and I had an AMAZING time! While I was gone, Stephen and Olive had "Daddy Daughter Weekend". They had a lot of fun together and we were so grateful that Auntie Traci and Dano and Honey were able to help out when he needed it. What great assistants! I left the camera at home so he could document their time together...
Thursday night Daddy had a softball game, so Auntie Traci took Olive to watch the games.
Here is Olive watching Stephen on first base.

Friday night, Daddy had really late softball games, so Olive got to spend the night at Dano and Honey's for the first time. I am sure they took thousands of pictures, but I don't have any of those yet. Here are Stephen and Olive before she left to go to Dano and Honey's.

Saturday afternoon he picked her up and they came home and played and played and played!
Waiting for Mommy to get home on Sunday.

I am so grateful that they were able to spend some quality time together. Thank you, Stephen, for taking such great care of our little one so that I could take a little break. I appreciate you more than you know.

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