Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Girl Day

For the first time I realized that Olive really is becoming a big girl! She is out growing the "baby stage" and while I am thrilled to see all of the new things she can do, I am sad at the same time. Usually she does a few things a day that make me think "yep, she is getting big", but today, she did "big girl" things all day long! Our sweet neighbor across the street, Cora, turned one today, so I thought it was necessary for Olive to make her a card. This was her first time to use markers and she was pretty excited. (If you know me well, you know I am slightly obsessed with markers, so I was THRILLED that she liked them!)
"Oooh! I get to play with all of these?!"

"Hmmm, what color should I use next?"

"These are fun to chew on too!"
*Notice the marker on her leg*

*and her face* :)

The final product...I think we may have an artist on our hands!

Olive has become a very picky eater and we all know she comes by it very naturally. I know that I deserve to have a picky child, but I prayed she wouldn't be like me in this area! It really isn't a fun way to live. I have been having a really hard time getting her to eat anything that isn't covered in yogurt. Today I made her a grilled cheese sandwich and she ate THE WHOLE THING! I was shocked and so grateful! I think I can sneak all kinds of things into the middle of a grilled cheese!

Then when she was playing this afternoon, she smiled so big I caught her top teeth on camera for the first time!
And then for dinner, she ate sweet potato waffles! Again, shocked and grateful!

High fives for Daddy for having such a big day!

She is growing so quickly, we are just trying to enjoy every single moment we have with her. She is such an incredible blessing to us!

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  1. I love her sweet smile showing her teeth! What a cutie!