Saturday, May 25, 2013

One Month!

 Nora Kate turned 1 month last week! I can not believe she is already a full month old!! She is so sweet and content.  She rarely gets mad and is pretty easy to calm down when she does!  We are very thankful for her calm temperament!  She is very healthy too.  At her 2 week appointment, she weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces (41%) and had grown an inch, 20.5 inches long (63%).  We laughed that she is gigantic, because her sister has never been over 20% in either category!  She started giving a few smiles out around 3 weeks, which has been exciting to have an expression other than a blank stare! She is a decent little sleeper, going between 4-5 hour stretches at night.  She is a bit of a night owl and doesn't like to go to sleep until about 11, but once she is down, she stays down for awhile.  Olive has given her the nick names "googly eyes" because she has such big eyes and "rhino" because when she cries it sounds like she is saying "rhiiiiiiiiiinnnnnoooooooo".  I hope for her sake, neither of those nicknames catches on! Ha!  She has added so much to our family already!  
Happy One Month Birthday Nora Kate!  
Here are a few highlights from your first month: 
First trip to Target!
 First trip to the park!
 Meeting your arranged husband, Luke, for the first time!  He didn't judge the extreme case of baby acne you had going on, so we know he is a winner! :)
 Riding in the double stroller for the first time!
 Taking a big bath in the tub...not a fan the first time, but you have loved it everytime since!
 Your first Kentucky Derby!
 Taking a bottle for the first time!  You took it like a champ!  Hooray!
 Going to church for the first time.  Your sister wanted to make sure you matched!
 Riding in the Moby for the first time!
 Mommy started back to work seeing kids again and you have been a great assistant! 
 Passing out smiles!
 Loving on Daddy like a little koala bear
 "Playing" in your room for the first time.  Olive said "Mommy, I need to show Nora Kate all of my toys without you.  Can you leave us alone please?"  I obliged by standing right outside the door in the hallway. 
 More sweet smiles!
We are looking forward to many more firsts with you!  We love you sweet lady bug!

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