Thursday, May 2, 2013

Family of Four

Nora Kate's arrival into the world was very smooth and very quick!  Both were such a blessing!  We were completely blown away by how closely she resembled Olive!  Sometimes I feel like I am having deja vu when I look at her!  
Daddy was so happy to meet this little lady!
 Mommy was too!
 The person who was most excited though, was big sister!  Stephen went home to pick her up and told her he had a surprise for her.  When she walked into the room, I was holding Nora Kate and I said "Hi sis!  Do you know who this is?" To which she replied "WHO?!"  I said "It's Nora Kate, your sister!" She immediately grabbed my stomach as if there was no way that was possible.  Then she climbed up and started checking her out! She was really interested in seeing her toes and was truly disappointed that she didn't have pink and purple hair!
 I think they make a good pair!

 Our little family of four!

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