Friday, March 15, 2013

Run Lucky 2013

Sunday afternoon, we participated in the "Run Lucky" which is a great family run that benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We participated in the event last year on Dad's birthday and this year it was on his "birthday eve".  We were so excited to head out even though it was FREEZING outside.  And since Nora Kate was participating this year, our little family all did the one mile fun run. 
 Olive was all bundled and ready to go!
 We are so blessed with great friends who came out to participate and share the love!  Team Dano: Nate, Stephen, Isaac, me, Nora Kate, Olive, Mica, Honey, Traci, Heather, Griffin and Audrey! Anna and Miranda were Team Dano too, but they got stuck in traffic and missed the team pic. 
 The Hales freezing, but ready to fun run!
 Stephen and I ready to "race"!
 Speed racers...
 Mica and I at a little slower pace!
 Our 5k runners before they started!  Traci, Miranda and Anna! This was Traci and Miranda's very first 5k to participate in!  We feel so blessed they chose to run in Dano's honor! 
 After we finished!  This picture cracks me up!  Olive was not feeling it, so she laid down!  Her expression is hysterical to me!
 We went in to the Red Coyote to warm up for a few minutes waiting for the 5kers.  Audrey and Olive sharing some warmth!
 We bundled back up and headed out to cheer on the runners!
 Nate was the first one to speed past us!
 Miranda and Anna rocking the matching strides!
 And I missed Traci coming toward us, but here she is speeding past!
 And celebrating her first 5K with her green beer and banana!  So proud of you Traci!
Thank you to all of Team Dano for coming and spending the day with us to help us celebrate Dano and raise money to help others fight this terrible disease. 

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