Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Many Names of Olive...

At the beginning of the summer, Olive suddenly announced that her name was "Emily". (one of her favorite engines on Thomas) Daddy's name was Thomas, my name was Flora and Wrigley's name was Percy.  She referred to herself as Emily full time and corrected us if we accidentally called her Olive.  This went on for at least a month.  Then suddenly one day, she started choosing new names daily.  She really believes that is her name and insists on being called whatever it is that day.  We go to at least one class at the library each week and at these classes, they give out name tags.  Olive started giving a new name each time for her name tag.  Bless the librarians hearts, they trust her and write down whatever she says! This is absolutely hysterical to me, so everytime she gets a new name tag, I have taken a picture!  
Music class: Angelina
 Storytime: Princess Dora
 Music class: Rosie
 Storytime: Gabriella (on this day a sweet lady I used to teach with at Ike was in class with us.  At the end of class, she came over and said "Danee', I thought your daughter's name was Olive" ha!)
 Storytime: Dora
I am so thankful she has such a vivid imagination!  I can't wait to see who she is next week!

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