Friday, August 10, 2012

All Aboard The Birthday Train!

Our sweet Olive turned 3 and we had to have a train themed celebration!  She could not have been more excited!

 We found an amazing little train that the kids could ride on! If you know of anyone in need of a train, contact the Okie Dokie Express! I love Olive's reaction when she saw it coming down the street!

 She could not wait to climb aboard!
 When her friends started to arrive, she began selling "tickets" to get on.  Sweet Caden loved his hat and wore it most of the party!
 All Aboard for the first ride of the day!

 Olive rode every single time for an hour!  She would half get off and say "I want to do it again!"

 Ryder preferred the "non-moving" train!
 And Liam enjoyed watching from the grass!
 After the train rides, they all tumbled into the bounce house for a few minutes before cupcakes!
 Sweet girl was so excited to have 3 candles!

 She has such thoughtful friends and received lots of great gifts that she can't play with enough!
 Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our sweet Olive! 
 Olive and Honey
 Olive and Pop
 After we got inside, she switched to Rapunzel for her picture with Auntie Mica and Uncle Isaac!
Happy Birthday Party Day, Olive!

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