Monday, August 13, 2012

Olive's Birthday day

I still can't get over the fact that our little Olive turned 3 on Monday! It really doesn't seem possible that three entire years have gone by! She is so full of life and every moment we have with her is so fun! On her actual birthday, Stephen took the day off so we could spend time all together as a family! Thanks to Pinterest, I had seen the idea to fill your child's room with balloons for their birthday.  After a raving review from my friend Misty on how much her daughter loved it, after she went to bed Sunday night, we started blowing up balloons!  When she woke up, she came to her door and said, "Mommy, who did this?"  When I told her that Daddy and I did, she turned around and ran into the balloons and yelled "this is SO FUN!" followed by a little squeal! 
 She couldn't get enough of the balloons!  She burrowed through balloon tunnels for awhile.

 Even Wrigley got in on the balloon action!
Next up was her special birthday breakfast "wif free candles, because I am so big and free!"

 Family picture time!
 And a silly one, for good measure!
 We headed up to the Science museum for a day of fun!  Olive loves it there!  We had so much fun!
 Her favorite part is the room with the model trains, I swear she would spend the entire day in that area watching the trains!
 Someone decided that they were really brave, now that they are "free" and that she wanted to go on the enormous tree house slide!  She went once by herself and then insisted that Mommy went with her the other four times, in a short dress, on a slide where you have to basically curl up in a ball to go down it...
 At the end of our day, she got to meet Otto the museum mascot!  She was okay with him, but needed to keep her eye on him.  Just in case.
 Final family pic attempt! CHEESE!
 After supper, she got to blow out candles again, because that is what happens on your birthday! 

Happy Birthday precious girl!  Our lives are so much better because you are in them.  We love and adore you and can't wait to watch you continue to grow (only you can slow down a little if you want to, okay?) We love you the most!

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