Saturday, November 6, 2010

15 months old!

Olive turned 15 months old today! I can't believe it has already been 3 months since her birthday! She is growing and changing so much these days. We are loving watching her grow and trying to soak it all in! Here are a few "highlights" on our girl:
*She weighs 19.5 pounds
*She currently has 5 teeth, with a new one poking through today and another trying to, hence the drool soaked shirt.
*She is running everywhere she goes.
*She loves bouncing on things, and has turned pillows into bouncing toys.
*She loves to sit in your lap. She will "back in" to anyone sitting on the ground...this includes sweet little Lillian at Miss Terri's house.
*She has learned how to scowl and is using this face frequently. It is pretty funny when she does it, but we are trying to discourage it.
*She is OBSESSED with technology. Phones, remotes, computers, anything with buttons is her favortie.
*She is now responding to questions with a "uh huh" with the proper enunciation to imply yes or no.
*Her vocabulary now includes: Hi, Bye-Bye, Momma, Daddy, Tede (Terri), Tank to (Thank you), Peas (Please), Here go (Here you go), Ball, Mimi, More, Boo!, Eat, Bre-Bre (Wrigley), bubble, bible and a few more.
*She likes to read her books and will sit on the floor and turn the pages while saying words that she knows.
*She loves to play with her babies and give them hugs and kisses.
*She has decided she likes to wear shoes and will find shoes in the house and insist that we put them on for her. She will also find our shoes, and insist that we put them on.
*She still likes to be outside and loves going for rides in her car.
She is a bundle of fun and the brightest part of every day.
Happy 15 month birthday sweet girl! We love you more than you can imagine!

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