Sunday, August 8, 2010

Olive Goes to The Museum!

Friday August 6th, our little Olive turned 1! We wanted to have a fun family day, so Daddy took the day off of work and we headed over to Seminole to the "Jasmine Moran Children's Museum". It is a really neat place. Olive didn't really know what all was going on, or what she was "supposed" to be doing, but she had a GREAT time! When you first walk in, the first room is room of silly mirrors.
She liked playing in the construction area with the rocks.

And being a auto mechanic!
They have a really cool bubble area with lots of different bubble makers. This one creates a full size bubble around you. She didn't really realize how neat that was, but Stephen and I enjoyed it!
Her favorite part of the whole day was this little slide. She would climb up the stairs, go head first down the slide, turn around and climb back up. Then start the whole process all over again!

Here she is crossing the bridge to the "Mayan temple".
"Here Daddy, I think this piece goes here."

They have a hospital area with a "pediatric nursery". She really loved taking care of this baby.
Giving the baby some sweet love.
Getting ready for the train ride by touring the caboose!
We had to stand in the sun and wait for the train which put one particular someone in not the best mood. But once we got on the train, she was little happier. Here she is sitting in between us on the train car.
I think this picture is so funny! She wasn't sure what to think about going through the tunnels. She was gripping Stephen's shirt like crazy. She knows her Daddy will always keep her safe.
When we went back inside, we found the "baby room". It is filled with smaller climbing toys and bean bags. She LOVED the bean bags!
"Okay Daddy, let's go!"
We had such a great day! Happy Birthday Olive Kay!

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  1. happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl!!! it looks like you had the perfect birthday with mommy and daddy!