Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deep In The Heart of Texas

Olive and I were able to take a little road trip this past week to meet a lot of our Texas family that she hadn't gotten to meet yet. My Granny's side family reunion was this weekend, but Honey, Olive and I went a few days early. The first people we got to see were Uncle Gary and Aunt Kay. Olive had so much fun playing on their porch! Thursday:
The next day we went to Levelland to visit my sweet Papa. He isn't doing great but it was so great to see him! We were able to meet my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Pat for lunch at the Dairy Queen. Olive got a very special treat from Honey.

She liked playing with Pat's straw.
Thursday evening, we drove over to Morton to have dinner at my Aunt Carol and Uncle Ernest's house. They have one daughter, Missy and 3 amazing grand daughters. We were so excited to get to introduce Olive to them. Olive loved playing in Carol's backyard. She liked "riding" the armadillo. And playing peek-a-boo.
I think that a trampoline is in Olive's future. She loved jumping!

Olive was so excited to meet my cousin Alissa. For some reason I have no pictures with her sisters, Bayleigh and Scyelar.
Then Olive "drove" us out to the cotton field to get some pictures!

My Papa used to wear a tie every day and each tie has a story. My Aunt Kay took Papa's ties and made them into a quilt. It is so beautiful!! Olive loved playing on it and rubbing her face on all of the different textures.

Friday we so excited to visit Stephen's Aunt Margie and his cousin Tonna and her husband Mike. Olive was so excited to meet her second cousins John Michael and Luke! John Michael is 3 and Luke just turned 7 weeks old. John Michael was very interested in "holding" Olive. She was okay with it for a bit and then she started trying to escape.

John Michael liked showing Olive the cat outside.
He loves watching the "fighter" scene from Top Gun, so he and Olive created a jet with chairs to play Top Gun. We were so thankful we got to see them! We just wish we could have stayed longer.
After leaving Margie's house, we stopped by the Texas Tech campus to take a picture in front of the sign for Miss Terri. We knew she would love it!

Saturday:On Saturday, we were able to attend Granny's side family reunion. We were able to take pictures of Granny and her two great grand daughters. Olive and Baleigh.

We also took one of Granny and all of "the girls". Her granddaughters and great granddaughters.

That afternoon we went back to Levelland to see my Papa. He was much more aware that we were there and when we walked in he looked at Olive and said, "Well, isn't that a pretty little girl." I was so thrilled that he got to see her!
Auntie M, Honey, Papa, Mommy and Olive
That night we met everyone for dinner at Rosa's. Auntie M and Uncle Isaac said they had the best mexican food ever, so we went for it. Olive liked playing with Honey and Dano and eating tortillas.

When we got back to Paul and Sharla's house, we finished our long day by picking apples from their apple tree. We will be making applesauce very soon!

We were so tired from our fun filled week and we missed Daddy soooooooooo much, we couldn't wait to get home. Sunday morning, we loaded the car and headed back. What a great trip!

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