Monday, August 9, 2010

525,600 minutes

Last August, we knew our lives were going to change forever. What we could have never imagined is how incredible that change would be! Olive came into our lives and our world became a better place. She was truly a gift from God and we are so grateful he chose us to be the recipients of that gift! We pray daily that we will be the parents she deserves.
I know it sounds cheesy, but how did we measure the last year? In giggles, in smiles, in cries, in snuggles, in kisses...
As we embark on the second year of this amazing journey, we hope to enjoy all of the everyday moments that make life with our little Olive so unbelievable!
August 6, 2009

1 month old - September 2009

2 months old - October 2009
3 months old - November 2009
4 months old - December 2009
5 months old - January 2010

6 months old - February 2010

7 months old - March 2010
8 months old - April 2010
9 months old - May 2010
10 months old - June 2010
11 months old - July 2010

1 year! August 2010

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  1. such cute pictures. i need to get her present to her!