Friday, February 26, 2010

Olive, My Love

Today Stephen got a call from our friend Ryan that he had something for Olive. He had been at Hastings today and saw it and had to get it for her!

It was the "Olive" valentines book! We were so excited. And so thankful for such a sweet friend to get it for her. We were lucky to meet Ryan and his wife Anne in our birth class this summer. Their sweet baby, Grace, was born in September. Our birth class had a few "interesting" people in it, so we were so excited to make friends! Stephen sat down with Olive as soon as we got home to read her the new book.
"Oh, Daddy! I really like this book."

"What is going to happen to the big heart?"

Clearly, she loved it! Thank you Ryan for thinking of her.
We love the new book!

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