Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gonna Take a Walk Outside Today...

Yesterday it was so beautiful outside, we celebrated by going on "family walk". We can't wait until it is warm enough to do this every evening. Wrigley loves it more than anyone! We tried to take Gipper since he is staying with us right now, but he went bonkers on his leash and we didn't think we could control him. So the four of us set out on a walk. Daddy has a hard time walking very far because of his hip, so he rode his bike.
"Okay guys, I am ready!"
"I LOVE family walk!"

"Um, Wrigley, you are going the wrong way."

"This is so fun!!"
"Thanks Dad!"

The girls and their shades.

We can't wait for warm weather for so many reasons! Family walks in the sunshine are pretty high on the list!

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