Monday, January 18, 2010


I have the most incredible family and friends. Saturday night, I thought we were going to dinner with the Beverages and the Thompsons. When we got to the restaurant, I discovered we were actually having dinner with all of our closest friends as a surprise for my birthday. And then everyone was coming over for cake and ice cream. It started to make sense why Stephen had been so insistent about cleaning the house on Saturday! I thought he was just really on top of things that day. :) My wonderful husband had the idea to surprise me and with the help of a few birthday fairies, they pulled off a great surprise.
The Beverages came over before we went to the restaurant to bring Olive the cool rain forest jumper. I had no idea the real reason we took the time to put it together, put in new batteries and watching Olive play was because we couldn't get to BJ's until a certain time. I just thought no one else was as hungry as I was. Here is Olive playing in her fun new jumper.

Surprise Mom!!

I am so blessed to have such incredible friends!

Ava and Alden helped me blow out the candles.

Pop took care of the decorations while we were at the restaurant. He even blew up over 50 balloons all by himself! The decorations looked incredible and Olive had fun loving on Pop.

Olive saying goodbye to Dano and Honey.

Thank you Stephen for making my birthday so special by planning this surprise. Thank you to all of our amazing friends for being there to celebrate with us. I am so grateful for each of you!

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