Thursday, November 15, 2012

Parent Watch Day!

Last week we were able to go to "parent watch day" at Olive's dance studio!  I have been looking forward to this since the day she started! She absolutely LOVES going to dance class, in fact Tuesday is a very close second to Saturday as being her favorite day of the week.  Every week when class is over she runs out with the biggest smile on her face squealing "I did it!"  
 It became very obvious very quickly that she is one of the youngest in the class! 
 At one point, the turn on "the magic lights" and they are given the opportunity to free dance.  All of the other little dancers were prancing around, Olive chose to sprint in giant circles around everyone else!  Stephen and I couldn't stop laughing! 
 Unfortunately for her, neither of her parents are very flexible and from the looks of this, she isn't even sure how to go about touching her toes...
 Showing off some tap moves!

It was clear from the beginning that paying attention and doing what everyone else is doing may be a little difficult, but she was by far the most enthusiastic dancer in the class!  We were so proud!  Here are a few videos for you to enjoy!  

Dancing under the magic lights...
I'm a Little Teapot!

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