Sunday, November 18, 2012


Last weekend the Baylor Bears came to town in the middle of the afternoon.  The weather was great and we figured if we were going to try to take Olive to a game this year, this would be it considering the great conditions.  We were able to find tickets easily and got her pumped up about seeing the Boomer boys and the cheerleaders.  She was so excited!  
Daddy gave her a ride most of the way to the stadium.  When we got to where you could see it she kept saying "This is so exciting!" over and over and over.  It was so precious! 
 We got inside the gate and I asked to stop to reorganize her little back pack after going through security.  She says "Yeah, let's stop here for a picture!" Ha!  I guess she has learned what to expect. 

 It was such a great day!  Watching her pure excitement about all aspects of the experience was so priceless!
 And she got M&M's which makes any day great!
 The wind was OUT OF CONTROL, but we had so much fun cheering!
 For some reason toward the end, she started noticing how loud it was!  I think this picture is so funny. 
We had such a fun time with our little Sooner!

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