Saturday, October 27, 2012

All Aboard!

Over Fall Break, our sweet friends Audrey and Lil invited us to go on a train ride aboard the Amtrak Heartland Flyer!  They weren't able to make it to Olive's birthday, so this was how we got to celebrate!  The girls were SO excited when the train pulled up.  We could see it coming down the track and Olive kept yelling "Stop train! Stop here!  We want to get on!"
 The conductor came over to check our tickets.  I love how Olive is checking him out and Lil backed away. 
 All Aboard!  We were greeted by a friendly conductor who told us where our seats were. 
 Here we go!  They were so funny when it started moving because it goes FAST!  It was really wobbly which they thought was hysterical. 
 Sweet passengers!
 When he came by to punch their tickets, he even took a picture with the girls! 
At one point on the ride, Audrey and I were chatting and looked across the aisle and the girls were just sitting and having their own little conversation.  It brought tears to my eyes!  I couldn't believe our sweet little girls who started at Miss Terri's when they were so tiny were old enough to sit in seats by themselves and carry on a conversation!! Where has the time gone?  After the 17 minute ride to Purcell we loaded up in Audrey's car and headed back for some play time at the park and lunch.  We had such a great time!  Thanks Audrey and Lil for the fun adventure! We are so thankful for sweet friends like you!

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