Thursday, July 5, 2012

Third of July Party!

We were able to celebrate the Third of July with some really special friends! Pop offered to have the annual party at his house this year and it was a lot of fun.  We had a lot of friends sick and running fevers who weren't able to come and we really missed them!  Maybe next year everyone can make it! 
Ryder was our first friend to arrive and Olive showed him around. 
 Pop really went all out for the party to make sure it was perfect!
 Just a splishin' and a splashin'

 Then Avery noticed the diving board and started showing off her impressive jump skills!  Molly got in on the action too!
 Then all of the kiddos lined up for some jumping fun!  Sweet Anna couldn't jump fast enough!  Her smile never changed the whole time she was so excited!
 Olive showing her jumping skills.
 Ryder was content to play with the water guns instead of jump!
Olive took a little break to blow bubbles with Honey.
 Isn't this the greatest picture ever! Two little patriots! I think this should be a post card or something!

Sweet Griffin
 Campbell the sharp shooter

 Silly girls!  There is another girl in their class at school who apparently makes this face a lot.  Olive always says "Mommy, dis is what Lexi do-es"

Group picture attempts! 
Anna, Campbell, Audrey, Olive, Ryder, Molly, Avery

We are so glad so many friends got to come!  
Mica and I
 Me, Deanna and Anna
(the boy halves of their families were home sick, thankful they came anyways!)
 Mica, Honey and I

Family picture time!  I hate that I didn't get one of every family there, but here are a few. 
Mica and Isaac
 Our little family
 The Hales
 The McGehees
As it started to get dark, we busted out the sparklers.  These three were champs!

Taking a picture of Olive, Pop and Stephen is always difficult!  Here is the best one I got! 
Thanks Pop for all your hard work!  We had a great time and made some fun memories!  Happy Third of July!

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