Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July

We had big plans for the fourth and we were all really excited about them! We started our day of fun with Audrey and Miss Heather at a neighborhood parade! The girls were all set in their festive attire!

Waiting for the parade to start!
 Hooray!  Hi parade!
 The fire truck had it's sirens on and was honking, Olive snuck behind Audrey a little.  I guess she knows Audrey will have her back! Ha!
 We were so excited to see our friends Anna and Campbell in their amazing decked out wagon!
 After the parade, we headed over to Pop's to swim for awhile.  But Olive started running a really high fever, so we headed home.  She slept for most of the afternoon and woke up with a fever.  We were sad to miss the cook out with our church friends, but didn't want to expose any other kiddos to whatever she might have.  We settled for hanging out at home for the evening and going to watch fireworks with just our little fam at our "usual spot".  
Oreos made her feel "much better"!
 Waiting for the fireworks with Daddy!
 Self portrait time, we are getting a little better at these! :)
 Silly faces!
I think I watched Olive more than I watched the fireworks!  Her reactions were priceless!  My favorite thing she said was "Oh! Dat one matches my fingernails!" Love her enthusiasm!

This is her reaction to the finale!

We had a great fourth despite the change of plans.  Hope your Independence Day was great too!

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