Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Week One Brought to You By Pinterest

I love Pinterest just as much as everyone else, but I have to say I think it has made me a more fun Mom!  I know Stephen might argue that the time spent "pinning" vs. the time being fun may be a little skewed, but I try to do my pinning after she is in bed! :) I have found so many fun things for us to do and since this was our first full week in our new summer routine, I busted out some Pinterest projects and she LOVED them all! 
The first one we tried out was the Mickey Mouse  paint chip matching game.  She has found these in my purse several times when we are out and about and I have never let her get them out, but one morning my purse was on the floor and she grabbed them, so I showed her how to play and she was in LOVE.
This girlie loves to paint and asks to paint pretty much every single day, so I am always looking for different things to paint with.  This week, we used soup cans.  Her favorite part was slamming it really hard on the paper so it would make a fun noise!
 I also love looking at all of the fancy sensory tubs people do for their kiddos, but after a trip to Unpluggits on Wednesday, and how much she enjoyed the sand table, I knew I had to make a "sand box" tub.  She calls the box her "diggers" and has played with it everyday since we created it.  It is a huge hit!  I like that it is small enough that I can move it easily!
 Yesterday, she played with this matching game for the first time. She has been really into puzzles lately and this was right up her alley!

I wonder what fun Pinterest will bring us next week?! 

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