Sunday, May 15, 2011

Those Silly Squirrels

Daddy was weeding the flower bed last night and of course, someone had to help! Daddy was explaining to her that the squirrels hide the acorns for the winter and when they forget, little trees pop up in the flower bed. He handed her a "tree"...
at first she wasn't sure what to think of it...
and then she loved it! "My tree, Momma!"

She would bring me the trees and leave them on the porch and then go search for more.
More than a few times, she was mistaken and pulled off a couple of flowers, but I am sure she will get the hang of it!
Getting a helping hand down. Thanks Daddy!
Disclaimer: Yes, it was May 14th, but the high was only 68 degrees! She has been really sick this week, so I had to dig out her sweats so she wouldn't freeze!

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