Monday, May 30, 2011

Backyard Shenanigans!

Our backyard is really nothing special or extraordinary. It is just a big yard with grass, a fence, and a cute little building. But, Olive thinks it is the greatest place in the world! Every time we go out to get in the car, she runs the other direction toward the back yard. She would spend all day out there if we would let her. Last night, she and Stephen were playing and having such a fun time, that I had to take some pictures.

Her latest favorite backyard game is a little game that is similar to fetch. It goes something like this:
Stephen bounces a golf ball off of the concrete out into the yard.
Olive squeals with delight and runs after it, then brings it within about 2 feet of him and throws it back! They play this over and over and over!

Love the "action hair shot"!

This time when she returned the ball, she noticed a little blister on Stephen's hand and had to check on it.

And make it feel better with a kiss!

When "Ollie fetch" was over, they started a game of chase. This game also involves a lot of squealing!

Then chase turned into "hop! hop!"

And then a little more chase!

Can you tell Stephen has been working in the sun a lot lately? I am SO JEALOUS of this tan!

Thanks Daddy for all of the fun in the backyard. We can't wait for you to work your magic on it and turn it into the most beautiful back yard in town!

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