Thursday, January 20, 2011

3rd Annual Miss America Watch Party...with a twist!

Last Saturday night was the Miss America pageant. I am and have always been a HUGE Miss America fan. I remember watching it as a little girl and loving it! A couple of years ago, we started getting together to watch it. Our group grows a little every year! Here is a group shot of all of the "lovely contestants"! Well, little did I know that since I had refused to pick a day to celebrate my birthday (because I was entering a new decade) my sweet friends decided they would surprise me and we would celebrate at the Miss America party. The door bell rang and these two lovely ladies walked in with birthday tiaras for everyone and a cake!
Isn't this the cutest cake ever? I love it!
Other than the tiara, my favortie part was how small the number is :)
My little "Miss Oklahoma"
Getting ready for the pageant to begin, I was so excited!
I know I have mentioned before how amazing my friends are, but the really are!! I have been wanting a new camera that is a little pricey, so they got together and pitched in to help start my camera fund. How cute is the envelope?!
Mr. America
Sweet Grady came and of course had to wear a birthday crown.
Some of my faves!

We all fill out a ballot and get points for how many of the Top 10 we get correct, Top 5, etc. The winners were...
Third runner up...Mandy!!
Second runner up...Lindsay!!
First Runner up...Lauren!!
And Miss America for the second year in a row...Deanna!

Thank you ladies for such a fun night! You are so sweet to make my birthday special even though I was resisting it! I love you guys! Can't wait until next year!


  1. How fun! Looks like you girls had a great time :)

  2. fun fun! maybe I should be a MA judge?! ha!