Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

"Seeds of discouragement can not grow in a grateful heart."
In the spirit of gratitude, I am going to post something we are thankful for every Thursday. Thankful Thursday will be a place for us to reflect on all of the blessings God has given us and there are many!

Today we are thankful for grandparents. Olive is very blessed to be surrounded by people who love her! She has the most adoring Pop, Dano and Honey that a girl could ask for. It helps that she is the first grandchild on both sides! We all know that Grammy Tami would have been over the moon for her and that she watches over Olive daily. This is Pop meeting Olive in the hospital. He will soon be our neighbor, so she can saddle up Wrigley and ride down to see him anytime she wants to. He says he will give her candy, cheetos and coke whenever she wants them to help her stay fat until she is thirty! This is Pop and Stephen's clever plan for keeping the boys away. :)
Dano and Honey come for weekly Sunday visits. Sometimes they sneak in a few weekday visits too. Dano custom made the bench/toy chest that is in Olive's room and her closet. Honey likes to rock little miss and often times she ends up peacefully asleep on Honey's chest.
We are also grateful that my Granny, "GiGi" can be a part of Olive's life! She loves to come to visit with her "little angel".

Stephen and I were also both blessed with incredible grandparents. Stephen's Grandpa Link passed away when Stephen's dad was a teenager, so Stephen never had the opportunity to know him. But apparently, Stephen is a whole lot like his Grandpa Link. He resembles him and shares many character traits. Stephen's Grandma would tell him all the time, "you remind me so much of your Grandpa". His Grandma married Grandpa Bishop many years later and he is the Grandpa that Stephen grew up knowing. Grandma Bishop was the sweetest lady on the face of the planet. She had unbelievable strength and had made the most of every situation. She and Stephen had a very close relationship until the day she was taken to heaven.

Grandpa and Grandma Link's wedding picture.

Grandpa and Grandma Bishop

Here is my favorite picture of Stephen with Grandma.

I was blessed to have amazing grandparents as well. My Mama and Papa, Granny and Grandaddy all lived in Texas when were growing up, so we didn't get to see them as much as we would have liked. But when we got to visit, we loved it! Granny and Grandaddy lived on a farm and we loved getting to play "farmer". Mica would always help Grandaddy feed the cows. Mama and Papa's house had the most beautiful backyard thanks to my Papa's green thumb and we would play for hours in the "secret garden". My Mama and Grandaddy have both gone to heaven. My Papa is still living in Levelland and we are hoping to take Olive to meet him sometime soon. My Granny now lives with my parents, and we are so thankful she gets to be a part of Olive's life.

Stephen and I with Papa. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my Mama on my comptuer. I will have to work on this.

Granny and Grandaddy at our wedding.

We are so blessed!

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