Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Olive's First Dance Recital

Our sweet little dancer was so excited for her dance recital a few weeks ago! She couldn't wait to wear her new fancy costume! The night before as we were tucking her into bed (at 11:00 because of the crazy weather and having a house full of friends taking cover!) she just kept staring at the ceiling and then in a very high pitched, scared little voice, she said "I'm really scared!"  Bless her heart!  We had a big talk about what it means to be nervous and how Mommy and Daddy have both felt nervous too!  The next day she was ready to dance!
 She did such a great job! We were so proud!  I can't get the videos to upload, but it was darling!  Her cheering squad was all there to see her perform!

Thank you to Ms. Felicia and Modern Dance Arts for making her first year of dance a fun and enjoyable one!  We can't wait for next year! 

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