Monday, January 14, 2013

New Years Donuts

A few years ago we ate black eyed peas on New Years day (first time ever for me) and ended up having a pretty terrible year, so I have refused to eat them again.  I had been searching for different traditions that might work a little better for us and I came across this blog post on lucky food!  
We were so excited to find out that donuts are considered a lucky food!  So we busted out the donut maker and the chefs got to work! 

 She cinnamon sugared some...
 and frosted and sprinkled the rest...
 Every good chef knows you must taste everything before it leaves the kitchen.  (I know this from watching Top Chef, not from being a good one!)
 Grapes were also mentioned in the blog post, so we had those too!

 "These are delicious Daddio!"

Hoping the donuts and grapes do the trick and we have a great 2013!

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