Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cleveland County Fair

Last weekend, The Cleveland County Fair was in town! I am not a fan of the fair.  In fact, I haven't been to the Oklahoma State Fair since I was in high school.  I hate it.  But I knew Olive would love seeing all of the animals and since the county fair is a little different, we decided to go!  Auntie Mica and Isaac came down and the girls headed to the fair and the boys hung out and watched football! 
 The first ride of the day was the carousel!
 Then we got to go on a hay ride!
 Olive wasn't interested in riding Cletus the camel, but she was very excited to pet him!
 Then she rode a pony!  I couldn't believe it!  I said "babe, do you want to ride the pony?" and she said "SURE!"  So she hopped right on and loved it!

 Then we went to see all of the animals.  These baby pigs were so adorable! 

 She even got to pet a little piglet who was only 2 weeks old.  She loved him!  I had to ask her to back up to stop her from kissing him!
 She kept saying "Hi baby cow!  Please say Moo!  Say Moo, please!"  He didn't moo. 
 Then it was funnel cake time! YUM!
 And the last adventure of the day was a ride on the "tilt-a-strawberries".  Auntie Mica and Mommy were a little queasy, but Olive thought it was so fun!

We had a great time at the County fair!  It is much more my speed...small, less people, way less carnies and little rides.  I think the county fair will be our go to from here on out!  Thanks Auntie Mica for the day of fun! 

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